Which COLOURED egg YOLK is the most nutritious? YELLOW yolk vs ORANGE yolk

Lately it has been propagated that eggs having orange or dark yolks are better than those containing yellow or light yolks.

The fact is that yolk colour proves nothing about the egg other than that the chicken that laid the egg had access to what amounts of carotene in its diet. The colour of the yolk cannot guarantee extra nutritional benefits, neither it can be considered as a sign that the egg is 100% organic?

Orange yolks are the result of chickens eating more food with high carotene content, whereas yellow yolks come from chickens eating less carotene.

Here comes the catch, you’d think that a chicken whose diet is rich in carotene or the one that is fed a good diet is the only one that is capable of laying an egg with a dark yolk, but unfortunately that is not necessary?

Marigold flowers or sometimes even edible colours are added to the diet of the chicken that lays the egg, just to make sure that the yolk of the egg would be bright or orange? This would give the consumer a false intimation that the egg definitely came from a chicken who was fed a great diet?

Conclusion: Rather than focussing on the colour of the yolk, try focussing on eggs which are laid by chickens who are well fed and raised organically.

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