Vegetable Juice: Powerhouse of Micronutrients

Hard to think of any other beverage that provides as much nutrition as Vegetable Juice does?

Juicing is an amazing way of consuming all the micronutrients in one go but the problem lies with the high sugar content of the fruit juice, packaged juices are even worse as they contain added sugars as well along with the naturally occurring sugars in fruits.

Vegetable juice solves the above problem as it provides all the micronutrients, antioxidants with minimal natural sugars, thus making it low calorie at the same time.

One serving of vegetable juice daily can make sure that your immune system is in excellent condition?

You can pretty much get all your vitamins and minerals daily while keeping your caloric intake in check as vegetable juice is less than 100 calories per 300mL.

Not to forget that the juice makes your stomach feel full as it is high in dietary fiber and voluminous which makes you eat less and reduces cravings, thus a must have drink during your fat loss journey.

The plethora of micronutrients present in the juice is an amazing way to ensure your body is not deprived of nutrients, especially when the body is in a caloric deficit to lose fat.

One can also use the juice as an organic all natural pre workout?

In our upcoming blog we will list the detailed list of ingredients that are required in your vegetable juice to make it a potential replacement for your multivitamin tablets.

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