WALK your way to FAT LOSS

Walking is our favourite form of Cardiovascular exercise.

It is something that we recommend all our clients to follow. Though the amount of walking dedicated on a daily basis to each client is different depending on his/her goals.

Unlike other forms of cardio which can be toxic on the body if done in excess, walking practically has no side effects.

Moreover, it allows you to do so much more while you burn calories at the same time, which is not the case in most forms of cardiovascular exercise.

Some of the various activities that you can perform while walking are:

  • Catch up with friends/family via phone call.
  • Grow mentally by listening to your favourite audiobook/podcast.
  • Relieves stress and gets you some fresh air.
  • Nice time to reflect on life when walking alone.

One great advantage of walking is that it doesn’t amps up your appetite unlike most other forms of cardio; this helps you stay in a caloric deficit easier while making the deficit bigger at the same time!

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