Ice-Cream on a DIET?

Well, its a fact that you can have Ice-Cream or anything for that matter and still lose weight as long as you are in a Caloric Deficit, but the question arises should you?

 We would say yes if you can fulfil the below two conditions:

1. You are managing to hit all your nutrition intake for the day, this just does not meaning hitting your protein intake only but other components as well, not to forget the crucial micronutrients.

2. Avoid binging on Ice-Cream or your favourite food item, eat in a limited amount that gives you mental satiety, its motive should never be to satisfy your hunger, leave that task to real whole food.

If you are in compliance with the above two factors, Congratulations! You can now enjoy your favourite foods.

But what if you are unable to follow the above on a given day and some random strong craving kicks in? Do you give up or do you consume that item in moderation?

I’d go with the latter, as I know myself that I would not be binging on that stuff and it would not be happening every other night, moreover it will keep me sane and let me stay focussed on my goals; doing this practice would be like taking a step backward but putting two forward for me personally when you perceive it in the long term.

However, that’s just me and my personal opinion! Most people specially those who have just started their fitness journey will find it really hard to put the spoon down without finishing the whole Ice-Cream tub! For such folks we would recommend not to indulge in Ice-Cream or any other delicious items that are difficult to consume in moderation.

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