Easy High Protein Vegetarian Indian Meal

Try out this simple & easy High Protein Vegetarian Indian Meal!

Did you know ‘Gram flour’ or commonly known as ‘Besan’ is high in protein and contains relatively low carbohydrate content as compared to regular whole wheat flour.

Macronutrient nutrition profile of Besan per 100g:

Total Carbohydrate 58 g of which:

Dietary fiber 11 g

Protein 22g

Fat 7g

Energy 387 kcal

Significant benefits of Gram flour are:

  1. Naturally Gluten Free
  2. Low Glycemic Index
  3. High in Dietary Fiber

Gram flour can help:

  • People struggling to lose weight.
  • People suffering with diabetes.
  • People who are allergic to Gluten or who are suffering from Celiac disease.
  • People who are suffering with heart diseases.
  • People who feel constipated.
  • People following a high protein diet.

The recipe ‘Besan Chilla’ which is like a Gram flour pancake takes hardly 10 minutes to prepare. Eat it along with curd or yogurt to enjoy a well balanced meal.

Macros for a chilla made out of 50g Gram Flour along with a cup of curd:

C: 30g

P: 20g

F: 5-10g (Depending on amount of oil and type of curd used)

Energy : 245-290 kcal

To add more protein to this recipe, add paneer slices to your chilla.

If you need more calories in order to gain mass, then use generous amount of ghee to whip up your chilla.

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