Does CHEESE make you FAT?

Whether you gain fat or lose fat depends entirely upon the energy balance equation, i.e. calories in vs calories out. Period.

There is no outright rule other than the above which would determine whether you gain or lose fat. 

However, the energy balance equation is not static and shifts on a daily basis depending on various factors such as your daily activity level, hormones, workout, etc.

The notion that we all hear since ages that cheese makes you fat comes from the fact that cheese is calorically dense and contains high amount of fat content!

In fact, if cheese is consumed in moderation it can be a great addition to your daily diet!

Cheese provides you with decent amounts of protein, calcium and till some extent Vitamin D as well? Moreover, the saturated fat content in cheese when consumed in moderation also boosts testosterone which is crucial in building muscle tissue?

Last but not least who wouldn’t like to add a bit of cheese to their daily diet?

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