Balanced Breakfast

A well balanced breakfast that will keep you full till lunch!

While being moderate in calories, the meal still provides all the essential nutrients you need to kick start your day!

  1. 7 Egg Omelette : Use 2 Whole Eggs and 5 Egg Whites

Make sure to add your favourite vegetables such as sweet corn, capsicum and tomatoes to your omelette, this not only makes your omelette more filling but provides micronutrients as well.

You can use non-stick cooking spray or use oil sparingly to cook your eggs.

C : 10g (from the veggies & low calorie sauce on the side)
P : 30g
F : 15g (from the yolk and little amount of oil used to cook the eggs)

2. 40g of steel cut oats cooked in 200ml of skim milk, topped with cinnamon and stevia/zero calorie sweetener.

C : 40g
P : 10g
F : 5g

Total Macros of the meal:

C: 50g
P: 40g
F: 20g

Energy: 540kcal

All macros are rounded off to the nearest multiple of 5 for convenience.

If you are trying to gain weight feel free to:

  1. Replace some egg whites with whole eggs.
  2. Add more butter or oil to cook eggs.
  3. Use whole milk instead of skim milk.

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